Microblading training

After seeing the huge success of Highbrow, it was always Emily’s desire to design and create a really successful suite of training programmes to offer to others who may be interested in setting up their own businesses. Each course is designed to really meet individual’s needs and Emily’s insistence on either one to one training or really small groups ensures that you really will have a tailored training experience with a high level of input and support from your trainer.

   “I did the 3-day microblading training with the lovely Emily, she was such a super teacher and made me so excited for my new career path.  I would recommend her 100%  for training and microblading. I hope one day I am as talented as her! Can’t thank you enough”       

Why do people choose Microblading?

The affect that Microblading has on client’s needs to be seen to be believed. So many clients talk about how the treatment has turned their life around, has given them confidence that they never had, and made them feel like a different person. Microblading frames your face, it really brings out your natural beauty, and not only that it saves you time when you are getting ready as your stunning eyebrows are already there.

So let us tell you a bit more about the launch of our three latest training programmes. We are so excited to bring you along on our journey

                           “I’ve learned more with Emily on my refresher day than I did                                                                                                                                                                                    on the original 4-day course that I completed elsewhere”


What's in it for me?

Microblading gives you a fantastic opportunity to create yourself a truly flexible career, it’s a role that you can fit around your other commitments in life. It’s a very popular treatment and the market continues to go from strength to strength, creating new techniques and ideas and appealing to an ever-increasing audience. It’s also a highly lucrative business, giving you the opportunity for huge earning potential. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s a fascinating and varied role that allows you to meet with really amazing people.

The Training Courses

Introduction to Microblading

Course length 3 Days

Cost £2500

What’s supplied? You will receive a bespoke training kit that has been carefully hand selected by Highbrow, only using good quality tools and inks. This kit will provide you with everything you will need to microblade:

You will also receive Highbrow Academy’s comprehensive training manual that covers all aspects of the course

Highbrow will also supply any models that you will need throughout the course 

Qualification gained- Accredited Highbrow Academy certification (once successful completion of post course assessment has been completed 

About the course

This course offers a fantastic introduction to the world of microblading. You will be trained by Emily and receive a high level of support and encouragement. All Highbrow academy’s courses are run either on a 121 basis or in very small groups so you can feel confident that you will get the time and attention that you need to become confident to actually treat live models. The course will include: – Health and Safety, Code of Practice, Contraindications, Facial anatomy, and Hair growth, Bespoke drawings and techniques, Mapping of brows, Hair stroke pattern, business strategy, implanting ink, and technique, and of course live model work. Once you have completed the course you will be supported in your post-course assessment work with feedback and sign-off at each stage. You will be trained to create beautiful feather touch hair strokes leaving your clients with beautiful natural brows that frame their face

Post-course support 

 At highbrow we know that following the initial high of completing your training course, you can feel nervous when you are doing your case studies. There is so much to think about and working on live models makes it that bit more real. That’s why Emily offers each student a complimentary mentoring session in her studio*. You bring your client to the Highbrow Studio to do their treatment and Emily will be with you to support guide and oversee what you are doing. This way you can feel confident that you are giving your client the best treatment possible under the supervision of Emily’s expert eye.  

 * To qualify for the complimentary mentoring session, you will need to have successfully completed 2 case studies. 

Refresher Course

This course can only be attended if you have already completed a microblading course and can demonstrate this with certification (Highbrow/Any other school or academy) 

Course length 1 Day

Cost £800

You will receive Highbrow Academy’s comprehensive refresher training manual that covers everything that you cover off in the course

Highbrow will also supply any models that you will need throughout the day

Qualification gained- Accredited Highbrow Academy refresher training certification

About the course

We know that there is a huge amount to learn and take in when you embark on training to microblade and the quality of courses can vary enormously. At Highbrow we know how important it is to feel really confident and assured before you start treating clients, and we also know that sometimes you don’t feel like that. That’s why we have created this 1 day refresher course that allows you to revisit any of the areas of microblading that you are not so sure of. This course is designed to be delivered on a 121 basis. In doing this we can truly tailor the course to really concentrate on meeting your needs. The course will include all the key areas of microblading but will be flexible to allow you to really focus on the areas you are uncertain of. 

We are confident that once you have completed this one day refresher course you will feel ready to treat your own clients, creating them beautiful natural brows.

Advanced Course

This course can only be attended if you have already completed a microblading course and can demonstrate this with certification. It is advisable to complete this course once you have experience in microblading.

Course length 1 day

Cost £800

You will receive Highbrow Academy’s advanced training manual covering all aspects of the training

Highbrow will also supply any models that you will need throughout the day

Qualification gained- Accredited Highbrow Academy Advanced skills training certification

About the course

This advanced course builds brilliantly on your foundation skills. You will learn new and bespoke hair patterns that will lend themselves to a wider variety of clients and their specific requirements, from the latest ‘on trend’ brows, to a look that’s more classic and timeless, and everything in between. Emily will share with you her techniques and patterns to really help you achieve the perfect brow. The course will take a more in-depth look at the skin and help you to understand the right approach for various skin types, allowing you to get the best results for your client. Advanced colour theory, including colour correction will be included to really help you when you are presented with brows that have turned a funny colour (blues, pinks, orange etc) More complex techniques such as feather strokes, nano blading and hyperrealism will be covered in the course as well as a focus on microblading needle configuration and different needle options. This course will really help you advance your skills and your business and really make you stand out from the crowd.