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PMU stands for permanent makeup, though despite the name, it’s not truly permanent.

Like microblading, PMU is a form of cosmetic tattoo that places pigment into the shallow layer of skin, to enhance certain features. Unlike microblading however, the tattoo gun used for PMU allows for greater uses; from eyebrows, to eyeliner, to lip blushing and more.

On average, PMU lasts for up to 4 years depending on a variety of factors, though you should return every 1-2 years for infills to ensure you are looking your best at all times.


This is where, like many others, we began the journey into cosmetic tattooing.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup used to mimic tiny hair strokes and achieve natural, long-lasting results. Unlike PMU, microblading uses a very fine-bladed hand tool to create and imprint pigment into the shallow layers of your skin, allowing for very precise control, and giving your brows a fuller appearance. Once healed, the result is so natural that no one would be able to tell it wasn’t all real hair!

If you are wondering what the process is like, book a consultation for a complete walkthrough of the procedure.


Laser Treatments

The latest addition to Highbrow has been our range of laser treatments, courtesy of our AllWhite Laser machine.

These treatments are non-invasive, meaning you won’t be suffering for long bouts of recovery. Our range of treatments include:

Skin rejuvination, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, thread vein removal, tattoo removal and more. For the full range of treatments, please check out the treatment list below, where you will also find pricing for our services.

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