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It’s also among the most affordable, especially for people who already own other ONE+ tools and batteries. This edger comes in well under $100 without a battery, although a battery and charger will set you back about another $50 should you need one. This model features a 21.2cc 2-stroke gas engine and is exceptionally lightweight at only 13.9 pounds. A single guide wheel keeps you on line as you edge your lawn. The edger itself maintains an exceptionally low profile, so it’s easy to see exactly where you’re cutting as you go.

All lawn edging needs to be waterproof and rot-proof, but there are other considerations. If your region is humid, there will be far more moisture exposure, so you need added protection. For seaside areas or industrial zones, there’s a risk of corrosion and abrasion, so metal is out.

Straight Edges Vs Curves

However, if something happens to the motor on your electric edger, and it’s out of warranty, it’s probably cheapest to replace it rather than have it repaired. With its unusual sawtoothed shape, you can cut through the offending roots along the edge of your sidewalk and keep them trimmed back and out of the way of your future edging work. It will take a little muscle, but it is well worth the investment. Plus, any other roots that get in your way while working in the yard can be eliminated with this device. I won’t say that this will be effortless, because it won’t.

  • At 16 pounds, this edger is perfect for any garden enthusiast.
  • A good compromise is to purchase a gas or electric powered lawn edger to do the tough work and then go over certain areas with a manual edger.
  • If price is not an issue when it comes to edging your lawn, then a lawn edging product made out of aluminum would be the best possible option to go for.
  • We have 2 acres in Florida, and I loved some of your ideas of putting bird houses, rustic items within the landscaping.
  • The first step for using a half moon edger is to mark the area that you are going to create a new bed and need a crisp edge to separate the area from the grass.

Although the concept is good, standardizing one power head unit to take a variety of useful lawn and garden tools, these edgers are only made for light duty edging tasks. Granted, there are battery operated edgers out there, but most are merely glorified trimmers using line as the edging medium, and they don’t have a steel blade like a real edger should. A manual lawn edger comprises a wooden or metal pole with a semi-circular blade at the end. If you have a small lawn or are planning to edge around 1 or 2 small flower beds, a manual edger is the practical choice. Manual edgers come with either a flat blade, which are ideal for cutting along lawn edges, or blades with scoop-cut edges, which are great for edging around delicate flower beds.

Main Lawn Edger Types

The 9” cutting blade is reversible, so you can get twice as much life out of your blade before it needs to be changed. Ryobi’s ONE+ system allows you to use over 100 Ryobi tools with a single ONE+ 18-volt battery. For fans of Ryobi’s other tools, the ONE+ edger may be a no-brainer.

The large foot platform provides you additional leverage to dig it more in-depth in the ground. The foot base is wide enough to apply full body weight on it without losing a balance. The T-shape handle makes it easy best lawn edger for curves to hold without getting tired. The shaft is made of wood and has a precise, smooth finishing to it. The plastic made roller wheel has excellent traction to allow you to roll effortlessly along the hard surface.

For one, they use galvanized steel – which is inherently less likely to rust or corrode than other types of steel. On top of that, the galvanized steel has then been protected with a powder coat. That said, being plastic, is it not the most structurally durable material on our list of lawn edgings, and the fact that it is also fairly thin only adds to this durability issue.

The Very Best Garden And Lawn Edging Ideas And Tips

It consists of 5 connectors as well to ensure that you can create a border. The 8-inch spiral spikes ensure that the edge will always remain in space. It enables you to create a barrier by varying the length of the grass and the plants.

This is because the Emsco Group features a flange that prevents the lawnmower from actually coming in contact with the lawn edging. Unlike some of the companies on our list, Emsco Group does not specialize in lawn edging equipment. In fact, this one of the few brands we reviewed which do not seem to have a specialization of any sort. Beyond the products they sell, Emsco Group does not specialize in a material as well. That can lead them to be a bit all over the place, and that definitely shows up a bit with their lawn edging. This can carry with it some caveats, but EverEdge actually produces an extremely high-quality steel lawn edging.

Container Garden Idea Book

A common misconception about edging the lawn is that this is a process that involves cutting grass exclusively. Truth be told, you can define the edges of your garden by using stones, bricks, wooden slats, or whatever other materials you find aesthetically pleasing. The whole concept of lawn edging is to separate the different patches of your lawn into defined areas. Standard edgers are the most common types of manual lawn edger you may find.

There is a stepping surface at the top of the edge to give you more leverage. The broad-edged spade edger can get the job done as efficiently and cleanly as other edger tools. Unlike gas or electric-powered lawn edger, the best lawn edger for curves manual lawn edger doesn’t make any noise. You’re free to do edging whenever you need it without worrying about disturbing your neighbors. You can use the manual lawn edger that is easy to store and can be used when needed.

How Much Does A Yard Of Dirt Weigh: Handy Reference Guide

More modest-sized yards will probably be okay with an electric, corded edger; they have the advantage of being less expensive and lighter. They also don’t use oil or other fuel so are more eco friendly than a gas edger. As well as being lightweight and easy they will also make sure you don’t fall out with the neighbors due to their relatively quieter performance. A disadvantage to wired model, however, is that you are limited to the range that a plug socket or extension lead will permit you to go. For smaller yards, a dedicated manual edger might be the best option. This will allow you to serrate the main edges of your lawn.

Ideally, you should have your edger serviced once a year or perform the tasks yourself. When you lube and maintain the edger otherwise, you may be able to avoid some repair frustrations. Troy-Bilt backs this edger with a two-year warranty so that you can take advantage of this coverage.

These rotary edgers work by being wheeled along the edge of a lawn. They are simple to use and have a lot of utility in small gardens. It may feel like a burden to try to push them through overgrown grass or weeds, so it is best used in a maintenance capacity. These gasoline lawn edging tools are much more powerful than the other types.

Some edgers are multi-functional and offer you 2 or even 3 tools in 1. As well as operating as a basic edger, they can be used as a trencher or a line strimmer with just a quick change of attachments. This type of edger is ideal if you need to get rid of any long grass or reshape your garden or flower beds. Gas-powered edgers are the best option for a medium to large-sized garden or property that requires a lot of garden maintenance. Gas power will give you a cleaner and precise cut with just one pass as opposed to an electric edger. They are generally more powerful, are easier to start, they run more smoothly and get the job done quickly.

Drive additional stakes into the edging every 4 feet along straight edges and every 2 feet along curves to help hold the curve. Insert the stakes at an angle from the inside of the trench, through the edging and into the soil on the opposite side of the edging. Set the plastic edging in the trench; cut pieces with tin snips as needed.


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