Germany – Ukraine. Video forecast by Maxim Kalinichenko

good day. With you “Rating of Bookmakers” and again your humble servant, your permanent expert Maxim Kalinichenko.

The European Championship in France has started, and it’s time to start the group where Ukraine is participating. Today we will talk about the match between the national teams of Ukraine and Germany.

The first match for any of the teams participating in such a tournament is, of course, important. It is important first of all psychologically. As you take the first step, so, probably, you will go. Although there were cases with the same national team of Ukraine, when the first step did not succeed at all, but then they went much better in the tournament and in the end brought a lot of good emotions to both their fans and themselves.

As for this game, of course, again any game at the European Championship, at the World Championship, at any major tournament is difficult to predict, because we do not understand the state of the team. Knowing the Germans, they always have a hard time rolling into such tournaments. The German coaches usually bring their team to the peak closer to the playoffs, to the quarterfinals. This is the lot of the strong. That’s why they are the champions of everything in the world.

Ukraine needs, of course, to try very hard to take away a positive result from this game. I believe, I do not believe , that’s another matter. Of course, I will cheer for my own people, I will cheer, worry Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation.. But getting sick and predicting are quite different things. Therefore, I will move on to the forecast.

My forecast for the Ukrainian national team is disappointing. I think Germany will win in this game. How will win? This is another question. With what account, I do not know. But I would venture to suggest that the German national team will win a dry victory over the Ukrainian national team. I will focus on this and make a bet on this.

Who will cheer, who will not cheer for the Ukrainian national team, I don’t know. I will. Again, this is a very important game. Cooking wine glasses, glasses. We cheer, who for whom. On this I will end the monologue, you are very tired of it.

Best wishes. With you was Maxim Kalinichenko, “Rating of Bookmakers”. Subscribe to on YouTube, put curse words, cheer. Who is for whom, and I am for Ukraine. Goodbye.